RCIA/Adult Faith Formation

Rite of Welcome 2015


Rite of Welcome 2015


RCIA Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

RCIA is the Church's preferred way for people to become members of the Church. Reestablished following Vatican Council II, this process began in the Early Church and was begun here at OLS in 1983 with nine people being welcomed as members on Easter of 1984. Every Easter since we have had the joy of welcoming new, full fledged members. We are particularly pleased with the great number of those who came through the RCIA who now fill the many ministries which are so vital to our parish.

  • Our group comes together in late August each year, prays together at Mass on Sunday mornings and meets for about an hour and a half each week after Mass.
  • We base discussions on the main teachings of the Church, the sacraments, and Catholic living.
  • Our basic text is Journey of Faith, published by Liguorian Press, produced by the Redemptorist  priests.
  • Our weekly meetings are led by a team of members with different backgrounds in the church leading to lively and interesting discussions.
  • Candidates are invited to bring a sponsor, who travels with them along the way as moral support and helper on many levels.

Any questions? Or if you are seeking more information about our program please contact Diane Rigotti at the parish office 607-748-8287


Adult Faith Formation

There are many opportunities offered at OLS to expand and deepen your faith through groups that meet regularly and through special meetings and workshops offered at various times during the year. You can study Scripture, get involved with a book group, read and discuss the weekly gospel, or get involved with some of the many other adult education programs offered throughout the year. The following are groups that are currently meeting on a regular basis during the year. Special programs offered during Advent, or Lent, or other times during the year will be advertised in the weekly church bulletin.

  • Tuesday Night Scripture Study Group (Room 11) - This group meets every Tuesday night at 7pm, Room 11, in our school building. You may use the school entrance instead of the church entrance to find Room 11. This group meets beginning in September and continues until June. The groups take a break over the summer months. They use a variety of Bible Study Programs with most studies lasting eight to ten weeks. The beginning of a new topic or study will be announced in our bulletin. This is an interesting and lively group! Come join us! 
  • Thursday Morning Women's Study Group - This group meets Thursday at 9:30am. They read and discusses both contemporary and current Catholic literature as well as authors from the past. They also have used series from Formed, our web subscription Catholic site for courses, books and DVD's. This group meets in Room 11 in the school building. Discussions last about an hour.
  • Wednesday Morning Spirituality (Library in the Gathering Space)- This group meets Wednesday morning at 9:45am. Topics for discussions are based upon books chosen by the group. Meetings are usually an hour in length. 

All of these groups may be found in the Parish Information Calendar published in our church bulletin. Other groups offered at different times throughout the year will be announced in the church bulletin and on our website.

The church also has an open library for anyone to use to further their study or deepen their faith that is at the far end of the gathering space on the end by the cafe entrance. Books may be signed out and used at any time.

Any questions please contact Diane Rigotti - 748-8287 for more information.