Funeral Luncheon Ministry

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Funeral Luncheon Ministry


Have you been thinking about volunteering at Our Lady of Sorrows but are hesitant to join because of talent, time, comfort, or commitment?  Hesitate no longer. The Funeral Lunch Ministry would love to welcome you to a team of compassionate individuals who provide a caring presence for families and friends dealing with the death of a loved one.

The purpose of this volunteer position is to provide a welcoming opportunity for families and friends to enjoy a meal and spend time together following a Funeral Mass. Volunteers can help with set-up, service of the catered meal, clean-up or provide a dessert for the luncheon.  The amount of time required is approximately 1-3 hrs per funeral. The Funeral Lunch Ministry is a “wait for the call” ministry so there will be times when there are no funerals scheduled.

Planning a wake/visitation and a Funeral Mass for a loved one are emotional experiences...oftentimes overwhelming for families. What a rewarding opportunity for volunteers of this ministry to show their empathy, compassion, and sympathy to grieving family members through their gifts of time, set up, and service. Family and friends of the deceased are so grateful and appreciative of the efforts taken to create a relaxing environment so they may share a meal together on a difficult day.

The Funeral Lunch Ministry is honored to literally serve others. We hope you will strongly consider joining this local, faith community during times of loss for families and friends. If you would like to learn more about this ministry, please call Kelley Marconi in the Parish Office 607-748-8287.