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Images of the Chrism Mass

During the early part of Holy Week a Chrism Mass usually takes place.  During this Mass the priests renew their commitment to their Bishop and the Holy Oils are blessed.  This is a good time to refresh ourselves as to what the oils are and when they are used.

The Last Supper

Today on this Holy Thursday when so much has changed, so much of our rich history is the same.  We look to our devices, televisions or computers to bring us the Good News of this day steeped richly in tradition.  For this time in our history it is ok.  It is in these new ways that we stay connected to our faith.  We utilize our social media outlets to gain our strength and to keep us centered in the message of today.

Good Friday - Taize Jesus Remember Me

On this Good Friday, the day that Jesus gave his human life for us, we remember we are like the Good Thief that asked for forgiveness. Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom. In this time of Social Distancing, is there anyone that you need to ask for forgiveness? Is there anyone that you need to forgive? Take a few moments to listen to the words and maybe write a note to them that person. Cleanse yourself of that burden.

The Great Silence - Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is known as the day of great silence. Jesus was laid in the tomb and the world waited. We wait in these times of uncertainty and pray. Know that you are not alone just as Jerusalem was not alone during those three days. Know that our prayers are for you and your families during these days. Just as Spring comes back every year, we will come back together too.